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Agar Website AA SCIENCES Rutin Update Artikel Terkait Dunia SHARING PENGALAMAN atau hal lainnya, Mohon Bantu Donasinya Akhy dan Ukhti, Caranya pun Mudah. Akhy dan Ukhti hanya cukup Meng-Klik Iklan Dibawah ini ataupun Iklan yang Berada Dimana Saja. Salam Ukhuwah dan Saling Peduli Sesama yaa Akhy dan Ukhti :)
AA Sciences, Text Entry Components (Input Text and Multiline Input Password) on the form Web page  - HTML form usually has a function, which is used as tools for selecting the various types of input that has been provided. The data usually can be inputed in the form of some type of form tags including forms such as text input, textarea, radio button, checbox etc. Of the input forms must have packed in element tags a specific form.

Thank God on this occasion AA Sciences will give enough information related details the components of the existing text on the form page of a website, let's see his comments below in related the components of the page text form in a website.

1. Input Text Component Password

Password Text Input components are fully responsible for entering data in the framework of a type of password/password. Seen from the attribute-attribute, which is set to be the main disesuiakan or was about to given criteria in accordance with which the name of the item to the inherent attribute ' name ', inasmuch as the destination of the file attribute of the form tag, action on which generally is a file server side scripting (PHP) which will serve as an input from taking a form that is based on the attributes of the tag name (attribute ' name ') of the input form related components.

Beside that, in addition to the type of the name attribute, type the attribute of the text input type text, password with attribute ' retype ' which attribute of the password this function in the form tag to insert a key word secrets or a secret password from the user in the form-the form to login/enter in a website/page. Usually also provide password attribute table results with the input with the notation ' o'.

On the use of the format types of umunya element HTML password input text attributes are as follows:
<input type=password name=name>
<input type=password name=name size=size>
<input type=password name=name value=value>
<input type=password name=name maxlength=maxlength>
And how if you want to input the password attribute of the form, in order for the form to work, then the usual given name = pwd with character size in length usually there are 6 characters (maximal).

<!doctype html>
<title> Input Your Password </title>
  Password: <input type='password' name='pwd' maxlength='6'>

Following the results of the application of the above atrbut script 6 password:

2. Multiline Text Area Component

Multiline Text Area Component is the area which have in order for a text or writing a new one or it can also be said to be an HTML component, which is used to display some text in the form of a text format.

To accommodate the input text that has a size that is long enough or even plastered with more than a few lines down, of course we try to use the input attribute i.e. a component attribute ' textarea '.

Attribute of a TEXTAREA can usually be put together with form tags in which to make an input that would like to be processed by a file that is served as pemproses as explained in the form tags.

In General, the writing of the General format of a multiline textarea IE like so: < textarea attribute = ' attribute ' >. There are also several attributes of the textarea, i.e. attributes rows, cols, and many other attributes. Similarly, in the document valid HTML5 has provided 6 types of new attributes of the textarea, among them:

autofocusThe specific area in the text area, where the cursor will automatically set the y leads towards the area when the web page is being processed.
ColsnumberSpecifies The Width Of The Text Area.
DisableddisabledText area that can be changed.
Formform_idSet up a form on an even more text in the area.  
NEW HTML5-Determine the length of the text area.
NumberDetermine the length of characters in the text area.
textGive a brief description about the value in a text area.
ReadonlytextGive a brief description about the value in a text area.
readonlyShould diisinya the text or not.
RowsnumberSpecify the height in text area.
hard softDetermines how the text is packaged before the text is submitted.


NAME = Atribut NAME This is used in order to give it a name in TEXTAREA. Usually these attributes will also be working as an attribute of the tag is very useful if TEXTAREA about to coupled with tag FORM.
COLS Atribut COLS It functions as a was used to determine the width of the TEXTAREA in tag FORM.
READONLY Atribut READONLY function used as writing in order to be listed in the TEXTAREA which usually can only be read and copied but cannot be contested (in the change-change).
DISABLED Atribut DISABLED in order to be used as a functional text that is present on the inside TEXTAREA can't be bother to sue, not to be copied and modified even though.

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